Father Jacobi

Mendicant Friar



Birth: England- Coventry


  • Mendicant Friar (minor)
  • Second Sight (minor)


  • Palsied Hands (minor)

Father Jacobi has always seen things that weren’t there; spirits, fairies, and even demons. His family did not know what to do with the queer boy and consigned him to a monastery. Sadly, this monastery was overrun with infernal corruption and the boy endured years of horrors he pretended not to see. In time it began to drive him mad and he does not remember the events that led up to him watching the monastery burn with the torch still in his hand.

He wandered for many years then, often putting a fiery end to the places he found overrun with the devil and his servants. His ordeals have left his faith shaken, as he has encountered the infernal among the supposedly pious more often than those thought not to be. But the battle is real, the devil and his servants are real, and as long as he can see them- he will see them burn.

Father Jacobi

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