Irish Wolfhounds

Vaul's Hounds

  • Galtarius- red fur and missing one eye.
  • Hildebrandt- grey fur
  • Wyschard- black fur turning salt and pepper now


Lord Vaul uses a combined intelligo+animal effect to use the dogs senses has his own- when used in tandem with a mentem effect he can do so with all three simultaneously. He also uses animal effects to make them grow and make them even deadlier in combat.


The tallest of dog breeds, the Irish Wolfhound is a powerful and loyal hunting dog. Called “cĂș” by the Irish, they have a fearsome reputation, and were used to reduce the wolf population. Lord Vaul is extremely found of his hounds, and some grumble, more so than with his men. They wear partial leather to help protect them in battle.

Irish Wolfhounds

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