Lord Vaul

Quasitor of House Flambeau



House: Flambeau
Covenant: None
Tribunal: Stonehenge, Loch Leglean, and Hibernean
Birth: Scotland- Stirling


  • Life-Boost
  • Minor Magical Focus- Darkness
  • Lesser Immunity- Cold
  • Puissant Perdo
  • Inoffensive to Animals
  • Affinity with Perdo
  • See in Darkness
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Rapid Convalescence
  • Hermetic Prestige- Quasitor


  • Dark Secret- Diabolism
  • Infamous Master
  • Deficient Technique- Creo
  • Animal Companions x3 Irish Wolfhounds
  • Lesser Malediction- Sunlight
  • Warped Magic- temperature drops equal to spell level within 10’
  • Nocturnal


Lord Vaul is a powerful perdo caster and uses many spells that create magical darkness or deadly cold. He also knows the true names of two demons and has an imp bound to him as a familiar- all of which he uses against their own kind.

His wizard’s sigil causes his breath to be visible when casting spells as if in extreme cold.


Lord Vaul, as most call him, is the greatly respected and often feared Quasitor best known for his uncanny ability to root out diabolism within the Order. It is well known that his own master was marched on as a diabolist when he betrayed him to a visiting quasitor, and stringent interrogation found him to be free of infernal taint. He would follow that quasitor for many years and eventually take up the mantle for himself. Since then he has walked a fine line between fighting the darkness or being consumed by it. He is often willing to use the tools of the enemy against them, and is an avid believer in the end justifies the means. Lord Vaul has spent a lifetime fighting demonic corruption within the order, and it has taken a heavy price on his body and his soul. He has often thought of retiring, or passing the mantle on, but there always seems to be one last diabolist to stop…

Now there are whispers of a fallen covenant in Wales, and that a member from within has sworn allegiance with darker powers and in turn found sanctuary in the house of a powerful noble. The ruling covenant of the tribunal has asked to handle the matter themselves so as not rouse the local nobility- but Lord Vaul answers to the Order alone.

Lord Vaul

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