Criamon Hoplite (Path of Strife)


House: Criamon
Mystery Path: Path of Strife


  • Flawless Magic
  • Puissant Art- Perdo
  • Affinity with Art- Perdo
  • Fast-Caster
  • Enduring Constitution
  • Premonitions
  • Second Sight
  • Hermetic Prestige- Hoplite


  • Blatant Gift
  • Driven- Destroy demons
  • Outsider- Moorish
  • Disfigured

Mystery Path (Path of Strife)

  • Use Enigma for Sense Magic & Weapon
  • Meditate to destroy objects/places, Increased weapon damage
  • Higher Purpose- Serve house Criamon

Shabah is Arabic for ‘ghost’, and for many magi he does indeed haunt their dreams. He has dedicated himself to rooting out infernal influence in the order and the destruction of demons- who he sees as the embodiment of lies upon the truth of the world. He has a sinister reputation for acting without warning from the shadows and then later proving to the order its justification, often it is only the intercession of Lord Vaul (a Quasitor) that has kept him from being marched on himself. He makes little effort to make himself likable and often operates alone.


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