Sir Edmund

English Knight



Birth: England- Essex


Sir Edmund left for the crusades a believer, and a much younger man, but years of bloodshed and evenings spent in too many brothels and alehouses- brought back to England a selfish and cynical man. Sir Edmund had never been a pious man, and if truth be told he hadn’t even been a very good man, but even he was incapable of performing the horrid deeds that the demon drove him to do… his friends, his family, and everything he cared about destroyed, while the demon left him unscathed- laughing as its spirit left his body. It was his weakness that invited the demon, his lechery and his wallowing in sin. He swore then his spirit would be strong, for his soul was all that was left to him. If the devil was real, so to then was a God. His life is now dedicated to virtue, and he abstains from each of the deadly sins save one…. wrath, which he reserves for the devil and all his ilk.

Sir Edmund

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