A letter found in south Wales amongst the remains of several soldiers slain and later savaged by wild animals…

My lord,

I send you this missive with all due haste as I have discovered now a second village destroyed by this new plague. The details are as gruesome and as horrible as the first I assure you. Not even on the battlefield have I witnessed such raw carnage or such brutality. I cannot imagine such a brain fever that would turn gentle folk against their own, their very families, and my lord— even their own children! The bodies show the usual signs of plague, the blackened buboes and sores one would expect… but it is the bite marks, the signs of having eaten AND been eaten, which are the most disturbing. My men are visibly shaken. I have widened the sweeps made by the road-wardens, and all travelers are being turned away upon pain of death. I understand that you wish to keep these events from scaring away other nearby villages, and as harvest nears our very livelihood depends upon it— but I fear such horrors cannot be kept secret for very long. I will continue to monitor the nearby villages and await my lord’s command.

Your servant,

Captain Andras

The Black Death is an Ars Magica campaign set in South Wales and played in the spirit of an inquisitorial warband (ala Warhammer 40k) drawing on the 3rd edition supplement BLACK DEATH as well as the from the 5th edition ANTAGONISTS supplement. This campaign runs concurrently with my Inverted Tower game; https://theinvertedtower.obsidianportal.com/

The Black Death

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